Free Introductory Workshop on how to maintain your healthy weight

Free Introductory Session – Stress Relief & Eliminating Your Food Cravings

In our society we are bombarded daily with new diets, detoxing and weight loss programs. It’s a billion dollar industry. So why is it, that with all this information, obesity is becoming a bigger concern for our nation?

Well what the diet industry doesn’t want you to know is that research shows that one of the fastest ways to get fat is to go on diet! Yes, most dieters some time following an initial weight loss,  will not only go back to their weight before but likely to gain more.

The other thing that the diet industry doesn’t want you to learn about is the power of your mind and feelings to losing weight and maintaining that healthy weight. My program is exactly about that, about awaking your inner power, the power of your feelings and mindset, to get the results you want.

I will teach you skills to eliminate cravings and emotional eating with simple and readily applicable tools. You will leave the program trusting yourself that you are your best expert about your body, embrace food and use if for what it is meant to do, nurture your body and create energy to live the life you want.



Join us for a Free 2-hour Introductory Session

Learn skills to relieve stress and eliminate your food cravings  with Self Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques


Session is normally priced at $60 per person

Date:  Friday 23 May

Time: 1-3pm

RSVP: Tuesday 20 May

Bookings must be confirmed by completing the form below and is strictly limited to 6 people so get in quick!