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Mind Body Weightless Workshop

The Mastery of Mind / Body Weightless Workshop

It’s official!

From March I will be starting weekend workshops.

“The Mastery of Mind / Body Weightless” Workshop

will help you achieve the weight loss that you want, maintain a balanced weight and have freedom around food.

In the late 1990’s, after obtaining my Diploma for Clinical Hypnotherapy, I began my journey as a Hypnotherapist. Over the years, I have added to my expertise with Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the latest being Pranic Healing.

In more recent times, I have combined the knowledge of these techniques with some of the skills I acquired practising Vipassana meditation and developed powerful programs for weight loss.

I strongly believe in Walking the Talk and so have used my program to lose my own unnecessary weight and I have maintained my ideal body weight for a number of years now.

The best thing of all is that (as those of you who know me well) I eat well and enjoy my food.

I love to work with women over 35 years old as it is after that age that we start facing weight gain as a result of child birth, menopause or simply hormonal changes.  At this point many of us lose touch with our body.

The tools that I will teach in the workshop will enable you to create a new and powerful relationship with your body!

My passion is for women to harness their mind and body to get anything they want for themselves in their own lives.  Including a balanced weight that they can maintain effortlessly.

With these unique techniques you will be able to experience immediate freedom around your cravings, reduce stress levels, lose weight and have confidence that you will maintain your ideal body weight.

You will learn how to keep the weight off in a healthy way, loving and enjoying your food and without having to do anything “extra” such as diets, shakes, powders, wraps etc.!

I BELIEVE that as a society we are led to believe by the media and big diet companies that weight loss “has to be difficult”, that we need to go on diets, do detoxes and exercise excessively. The concept of losing weight with the power of your mind may seem weird when in fact that is THE EASIEST AND MOST NATURAL WAY.

We spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollar on diet books and programs, food that complies with those programs, clothes that we invested in to bounce with our weight.

My program is $497 and you will walk out of the weekend confident that you are an expert on your body.

What you can expect to get from this weekend workshop

  • You will gain tools from Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce or eliminate cravings
  • You will know how to use visualisation to create the body that you want
  • You will learn techniques to manage stress (one of the biggest contributors in gaining weight)
  • You will know how to use your mind to effortlessly maintain healthy eating and fitness routine


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